…my charity to Liberty…

Good ol’ Machiavelli

Dear Donkey-Brain,

Ah…Good ol’ Machiavelli (1469 – 1527)… TANTO NOMINI NULLUM PAR ELOGIUM.

Speaking of ‘outdated’…why am I not surprised you admire someone that predates the Constitution (1787)? Still…I wonder…did you know that your Renaissance hero was part of the intellectual landscape that lead to the birth of this nation?

Indeed Machiavelli deserves another look…especially when People discover he is the author of NOT ONLY the ‘Prince’ but also of the ‘Discourses on Livy’…where he discusses the benefits of a Republic over say…Monarchy. However, it should be noted that a ‘Republic’ under Machiavelli is different from the American Republic eventually created. That difference is subtle but the difference is REAL.

Before the birth of America, Politics was Power over People…via Military, Wealth, Erudition, Religion, & Possession of Land. Slavery was accepted as a status of Life. Women belonged at home. & If your daddy’s a blacksmith then so shall you be. There were exceptions to be sure…BUT only after the American Revolution (1776 – present) did the World turn upside-down! The exceptions became the NORM! People no longer Puppets!

The DIFFERENCE: We are ‘created Equal’!

For the first time in history, a free market of minds was unleashed to create a Government for the People! Any citizen with a will, like farmer William Findley, can stand up to be a Representive. Slavery went from ‘acceptable’ to ‘controversial’ to finally ‘immoral’. Women gained Suffrage. & Power was understood as remaining with the People…Politicians merely Representing our out-spoken interests…instead of telling us how to live.

DO NOT BLINK: It is a subtle difference indeed! We are as fragile as We are Strong. The only thing keeping this nation a Revolutionary Republic is the very will of the People to remain Free!

& You DB, associate Liberty with Death? You should take a closer look at the last 100 years…for America has been going ‘Imperial’ since Woodrow Wilson…forcing Democracy around the world…telling People how to live…just the way you like it: Income Tax, Federal Reserve, WWI, Prohibition, Great Depression, New Deal, WWII, Cold War, Berlin Blockade, Israel, Korea, Cuban Crisis, Vietnam, Energy Crisis, Afghanistan, Hostage Crisis, Iran Contra, Gulf War, 9/11, Afghanistan again, Iraq War…& now a 2nd Depression?

America has proven it can be just like Europe as witnessed by Machiavelli…war being rampant & economy in shambles…for everyday we diverge from the intentions of our Constitution…Bill of Rights & all. History has shown that a Republic can be either short-lived (Republic of Florence, 1509 – 1512) or end up as an Empire (Republic of Rome). Even England dabbled with Republicanism (Commonwealth, 1649 – 1660).

May America…with Liberty…prove otherwise.


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