…my charity to Liberty…

Notes for Sketch#4: An Economic Tsunami

The idea of Government in America today is like an ancient monolith that beckons to our unconsciousness…like the alien monoliths depicted by Stanley Kubrick in 2001: A Space Odyssey.

I believe the beacon of Government evokes an internal human calling on (2) levels. The first is our yearning to obey a higher authority. It is much easier to be follow instructions than to figure out Life on our own. The path of least resistance will surely tempt some of us. The second is the belief that we can manipulate that authority to our desires. Some of us hope to pass Laws in regards to our Economy, Environment, Security & Happiness…as if we invented an omnipotent ‘equalizer’ allowing us to adjust our problems to a perfect harmony.

Unfortunately for us…when Government powers are gone unchecked…it inevitably unleashes the tsunami that our founding fathers intended to protect us from.

The good news is…there is a solution to the Economic Depression that is about to engulf us. The bad news is…We may not all survive to see it through.

Here’s hoping the People that brought this Perfect Storm upon us will be washed away.


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