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Notes for Sketch #7: The Sinking Keynesian

1. Inspired by this news article from the Financial Times.

2. The Chinese conundrum goes something like this: 

The newly formed China Investment Corporation allocated plus/minus $2 trillion dollars into foreign reserves…of this $1.7 trillion is in US currency…essentially putting all your eggs in one basket.   Regardless of China’s real diagnosis of the American Economy now…they will continue to pay lip-service & will not back out of the American currency.  As long as there is a glimmer of hope that their investments will be paid back, they will officially refuse to show that they made a humongous investment error!  When the World Economy recovers…several years later…China may think twice about investing in the US dollar.  In the meantime, all China is worried about now…is saving face.

3. Youtube video showing Titanic scene:

4. Behind the scenes still-frames from Titanic…1:34 in particular is regarding the ‘bow’ scene:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zkc5HgY8A-g&eurl=http://www.chasingthefrog.com/catalog/video.php?vid=2030

5. For titanic boat information…for modeling reference: http://titanic-model.com/   including drawings: http://titanic-theshipmagnificent.com/TitanicRiggingPlan/

6. Anchor similar to one belonging to Titanic: http://www.anchormarinehouston.com/StocklessCh.html

7. Picture of Titanic sinking: http://www.mmem.spschools.org/2F.9798/Titanic/Titanic.Images/sinking.jpeg

8. Find pencil portraits of celebrities here…including one of Kate Winslet as Rose from the Titanic movie…supposedly drawn by James Cameron himself: http://celebritypencilportraits.blogspot.com/


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