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Notes for Sketch #8: Hollywood($)

1. Inspired by this news article by Andy Bromage from the New Haven Advocate.

2. “You talking to me?”  –Travis Bickle, as played Robert De Nero from the movie: Taxi Driver (1976).  One of Robert’s most memorable scenes:

3. “In spite of all his imperfections…I”m a FAN OF MAN!!!  I’m a humanist.  Maybe the last humanist.”  –The Devil, as played by Al Pacino in the movie: Devil’s Advocate (1997).  One of his best performances.  Judge for yourself: 4. “I will crush them.”  –Jim Amann, a candid moment with a left-wing internet blogger.  Besides being arrogant, apparently they also don’t like him for supporting Joe Lieberman.  A video link:

5. Currently, there are (2) states experimenting with this idea of ‘Hollywood East‘ which creates tax incentives for studios to film here.  I believe Massachusetts is the original state.  Beginning in July 1, 2006, Connecticut followed suit. 

6. ‘This note is not for legal bribes.’  Normally, a bribe is given to coax someone to bypass a law.  In this case, money is legally bribing production studios to bypass the laws of economics.

7. One of the movies filmed in Connecticut is Righteous Kill (2008) starring Robert De Niro & Al Pacino which grossed a total of $78 million.  For comparison, another movie staring these two stars is Heat  (1995) grossing over $187 million worldwide.


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